Selling Spectrum Rights Essay

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An analysis of the article "Selling Spectrum Rights," by John Macmillan, discussing the game theory behind the FCC's decision of auction-process in the sale of spectrum rights.

The paper reveals the problems inherent in the article such as the article being written before the auction taking place. The paper essay writing life in a big city criticizes Macmillan for making profits his primary source of concern while emphasizing that the motivation behind this sale is not monetary. The paper notes a flaw in Macmillan's argument regarding efficiency being of paramount importance. The paper shows how the other goals discussed are mere covers for the desire to produce revenue.

If the FCC were actually concerned about efficiency, minority ownership, preventing monopolies, and promoting the best usage of these spectrum for the sake of the people, it could have mirrored an auction such as the one in Argentina. This nation auctioned off its licenses not to the highest bidder, but to the company which could set up an efficient, goal driven system in the least amount of time.

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