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Definitely one of the biggest problems when buying a new Android device is the large number of preinstalled applications with which it counts. Most of the time we are often annoyed by those installed by network operators, and sometimes some Google applications that we never used. In low end terminals is usually a big problem due to the little storage space they have, which is further reduced with these applications that are obsolete.

It is always possible to disable them in the configuration, which will make them disappear from our interface and our application drawer. However, they will still be installed in our mobile which will not solve anything. One of the great advantages that we have to this problem is the amount of developers that there are for the different devices. For most of the time we will find an effective way to access root and solve this problem once and for all by eliminating the applications completely.

Application Remover

It should be mentioned earlier that this method is recommended to remove applications that we are sure are not necessary for the system to run normally, otherwise, we could cause serious damage to the system until a brick, so you have to be Cautious with the applications that we are going to uninstall. Once this is clear, what we need to do is download the app from the Google Play Store. Once installed, proceed to open it.

At the time of initiation it will ask us for superuser permissions, which we must arrange for the applications to be uninstalled correctly. Then we will see the list of all the applications of our device, what we must do is find the applications that we want to uninstall and select them, then press the red button that tells us Uninstall and wait. As soon as you finish the best thing to free space is to click on the icon of trash, which is the recycling bin; We re-select the applications and we delete them definitively.

As soon as we are finished, we must restart our device. Then the applications will disappear completely. This is a good option for all those users who have storage problems and / or bother some useless applications. And if you are looking for applications to get new features on your Android, we invite you to visit all the applications we have analyzed for you.


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