Video Games and Violence

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A discussion on whether the violence contained in video games negatively affects the children that view and use the games.

This paper addresses the subject of violence in video games and looks at whether there is any positive correlation between violent video games and the danger of perpetuating violence in children. 

Video gaming is a multibillion dollar industry and billions of dollars worth of game units are sold every year. It is estimated that more than 60% of all Americans play videogames which is nothing but a best essay an astounding 150 million people or more. Analysis has revealed that more than 89% of these videogames are imbued with violence of different degrees. Even majority of those games which have been certified and approved for all ages (E) carry violence as the main theme. [Children Now] While past studies have corroborated the positive aspects of video games such as improving the cognitive skills, spatial skills, hand eye coordination and attention skills recent researches have shown that they also pass on the scourge of violence. Many results have attested the fact that the obsession with videogames has also created a new type of society where children are beginning to be aloof and exhibit unusually aggressive behavior. Video games have sort of created a withdrawal effect in these children as they are more and more fixated to those pixilated characters than the social life outside.

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